Recent few years have proved that the weather in Tamil Nadu is fluctuating and paradox.  The massive floods in 2015 were followed with a punishing drought. Almost every town was on the verge of water scarcity and it was to be declared that Tamil Nadu has no water.

But things are not the same anymore! The State Government has claimed that Tamil Nadu has enough water and this statement is stamped by the Hydrology Department.  The prominent water bodies in Tamil Nadu are contributing almost 40-50% of the total usable water.

The lakes and dams which were dried up have now been brimming because of the northeast monsoon that has been recorded recently.


 During the former days, there were around 150 water bodies in Chennai. But urbanization has reduced these water bodies to merely 27, including large as well as small water bodies. Covering a region of 40.36 sq km, the Ambattur lake is mainly dependant for its water source on the monsoon rainfall of the northeast. The region surrounding the lake including the plots in Ambattur has faced a number of threats including waste disposal, scarcity of drinking water, erratic patterns of weather, water contamination, dense population etc.

Tamil Nadu being a big state, has faced indiscriminate water bodies exploitation because of unsuitable water management, poor execution of water harvesting plans, rapid urbanization in cities including Chennai, no construction of big dams from ages and there is much more to this.


Ayappakkam is surrounded by these two lakes, that’s the main reason why you will not find any water scarcity here. Most times of the years, these lakes remain filled with adequate usable water which embraces the bleeding edge of water scarcity problem.

The dwellers here claimed that they never faced such situations. Whereas, in other regions people are force to pay huge sums for consumable water. In the coming years, it has been predicted that Ayappakkam will stand still on its position. And there are no certain chances of water shortage.


 The foremost source of fresh water is the ground water. Fortunately the ground level of water in Ayappakkam is 11 feet, which is fair enough. People do not have to dig deep wells in order to extract water.

As per the norms, 11 feet ground water level is considered in abundant category. Some states of India have lower ground level and they have no situations of drought, which means that plots in Ayapakkam can sustain even the harshest of climatic conditions without any troubles.

Taking into context the present water conditions which depict no paucity of water in the region, The Hydrology Department in Tamil Nadu has issued a letter that states that water scarcity will no more be a significant issue. And this would be particularly applicable to the area surrounding from Mogappair west to Avadi.

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