Getting your home in the best location is now possible with the new 200ft road proposed in Front of the Layout

Newly built roads are the center of attraction of every real estate property. And more buyers feel indulged in buying the plots that are located nearby the road. The same fortunate thing happened with Royal Land and Developers, one of the most prominent real-estate agencies in Tamil Nadu.

The perfect selection of real-estate location turned fruitful for owners of plots in Ambattur. The government of Tamil Nadu has proclaimed that this particular location will encounter a major growth once the arterial road is constructed. This will even leverage the booming growth in nearby localities as these will be much more connected to the major locations like metro, rail, schools, colleges and a number of giant business organizations.

What will be the exact location of the newly proposed road?

This road is aimed to link Ambattur with the ORR (Outer Ring Road). It will surely be massive player in fueling the growth as there will be a direct track that will help people to reach the ring road in a couple of minutes.

Also the troubles of traffic will come to a halt now, due the huge width of new road it will be even smoother for traffic to cross seamlessly.

Is buying a plot in Ambattur a real deal?

There are a number of CMDA approved plots and land for sale in Ambattur. After the approval of arterial road, these plots are in a huge demand and more buyers are diverted towards investing in these properties.

It will be a sure-shot decision if you get a deal of Rera approved plots in this significant location. Some real-estate dealers like Royal land and Developers have declared plots for sale in Ambattur.

Advantages of new arterial road

The list of advantages this 200ft road will deliver is exhaustible. The dwellers will get enhanced convenience and also the rates of property will be skyrocketing in near future. From soothing connectivity to zero traffic issue, you will get a number of benefits if you buy plots in Ambattur.

  • Enhanced Convenience:

Now travelling to metro station and your office has become easy. With the new connected road you can travel to the prominent destinations without running in any kind of hassles. People who have brought CMDA approved plots and lands have disclosed that it will be more convenient for their children to travel to schools and colleges.

  • Sure-shot Investment Deal:

Are you looking to invest in a property that will surely surpass your expectations? Then don’t think further and buy plots in Ambattur. The prices of some locations are economical but estimates indicate that the prices will rise in a short lap of time.

  • Enhanced neighborhood connectivity:

Real-estate sovereign projects like Nova Amber and Nova Pavilio are tremendously impacted by the introduction of new road. The great connectivity with the neighborhood is alluring more people to invest in these properties. Also these are CMDA approved plots, so it can be the best deal one can bag.

Wrap Up

Buying one of these properties that is located on the arterial road linked with ORR is what we call as smart investment. For the people who wish to move out to a new location, Ambattur is the perfect place. Before buying plots in Ambattur make sure that the seller is trusted and if offering you CMDA approved plots.

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