Lately, technology’s impact has been moving forward rapidly. This applies to real estate too, where technology is being used to keep up with the competition and make processes smoother.

In 2024, there are some interesting trends in real estate technology used by leading developers, especially the top 10. These include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and blockchain. These innovations are reshaping how real estate is handled – from construction and management to marketing and sales.

When people start thinking about “how do I buy land in chennai and other cities?”They usually look around the top 10 real estate developers in Chennai for their positions to follow market trends. Such developers exhibit their expertise and track on trends which answers all questions of homebuyers. It’s crucial to understand these trends and how they can be harnessed to benefit their businesses. Keeping up with the latest technology can give them an edge in this fast-changing industry.

VR and AR property tours

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) property tours are gaining popularity among real estate agents. These tours offer immersive remote viewing experiences, saving time and resources for buyers and sellers alike. Through smartphone apps, clients can virtually explore properties as if they were there in person. As consumer interest grows, VR and AR technology will continue to improve, providing more accurate representations of real estate.

Startups like Hyperreality Technologies in Chile offer highly immersive VR solutions, including those customized for the real estate sector. Similar VR solutions are now being adopted by leading real estate companies in India.

Artificial intelligence (AI) driven analytics

AI algorithms perform tasks beyond human capabilities, swiftly analyzing vast data volumes. In real estate, this data can include property location, past price trends, socioeconomic indicators, environmental factors, and more.

By processing this data, AI algorithms discern market trends and property behaviors. This empowers real estate experts and investors to predict property values, rental incomes, and ROI with precision. Numerous companies now utilize AI-driven analytics for real estate data management. Cloud platforms offer insights to brokers, lenders, and investors, aiding decision-making. Even top Indian real estate firms are moving towards AI analytics for enhanced market understanding.

Smart home and IoT integration

The need for easier living, saving energy, and feeling safer is growing, even in India. That’s why the best property developers in Chennai are adding smart home and IoT features to their projects. It’s no surprise that smart home tech is becoming a big selling point in the real estate market, especially in India.

Smart home tech lets homeowners control things like lights and temperatures with ease. It also helps save energy and gives useful information about property conditions. For security, devices like cameras and motion sensors keep buildings safe from intruders. With these features, homes become more comfortable, efficient, and secure for everyone.

Building information modeling (BIM) and drones

Some property tech trends help more real estate agents and managers, but one stands out for construction experts, widely adopted by top real estate builders. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and drones are revolutionizing real estate, ensuring precise construction, property evaluation, and upkeep.

BIM creates detailed 3D models and organizes data, aiding architects, engineers, contractors, and managers in property development and maintenance. Drones further streamline tasks by offering affordable aerial data for inspections and surveys. This innovation not only saves costs but also boosts property standards.

Green and sustainable property

Today, people care more about eco-friendly features when choosing properties. Real estate developers realize that simply having a nice property isn’t enough. People want energy-efficient homes and sustainable building practices. Green neighborhoods are especially attractive, drawing environmentally conscious buyers.

Buyers, tenants, and investors look for eco-friendly materials, designs that help the environment, solar panels, and smart home tech. They also consider the area: being close to parks, public transport, and bike paths is a big plus for those who value sustainability. These factors are becoming increasingly important in the property market.


To sum up, insights from the practices of top property developers, including the top 10 real estate developers in Chennai, show us big developers are using things like AI, virtual reality, and smart home features to make buying and selling easier. Virtual tours let you see properties without going there, and AI helps predict market trends. Smart homes make living easier and save energy, while green practices are becoming more important. Keeping up with these changes is key to staying competitive in the real estate world and meeting what buyers and investors want.

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