Job Title : Billing Engineer

Location  : Nungambakkam/Chennai

Salary   : Best in the industry

Job description

  1. Quantity Surveying : Mastery of quantity takeoff and cost estimation for construction projects.
  2. Billing Software Proficiency : Skill in using billing software to generate invoices and track project expenses.
  3. Budget Management : Proficiency in managing project budgets and tracking expenditures.
  4. Contract Administration : Understanding of contract terms and administration related to billing and payments.
  5. Documentation Skills : Ability to maintain accurate records of project costs, invoices, and payments.
  6. Communication Skills : Effective communication with project teams, clients, and subcontractors regarding billing matters.
  7. Analytical Skills : Capacity to analyze billing data and trends to identify discrepancies or areas for improvement.
  8. Attention to Detail : Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy in billing and documentation.
  9. Problem-Solving Abilities : Aptitude for addressing billing discrepancies and resolving payment issues.
  10. Negotiation Skills : Skill in negotiating payment terms and resolving billing disputes with clients or subcontractors.