Job Title : Purchase Executive

Location  : Nungambakkam/Chennai

Salary   : Best in the industry

Job description

  1. Procurement Expertise : Mastery of procurement processes, including sourcing, negotiation, and vendor management.
  2. Market Analysis : Understanding of market trends, pricing, and availability of construction materials and supplies.
  3. Negotiation Skills : Ability to negotiate contracts, prices, and terms with suppliers to obtain favorable deals.
  4. Supplier Relationship Management : Effective communication and collaboration with suppliers to ensure timely delivery and quality products.
  5. Cost Management : Proficiency in cost analysis and budgeting to optimize procurement expenses.
  6. Contract Management : Skill in drafting, reviewing, and managing procurement contracts and agreements.
  7. Supply Chain Optimization : Ability to streamline procurement processes and optimize supply chain efficiency.
  8. Analytical Skills : Aptitude for analyzing procurement data, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and making data-driven decisions.
  9. Attention to Detail : Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy in procurement documentation and records.
  10. Problem-Solving Abilities : Capability to address procurement challenges and resolve issues promptly.