Job Title : Site Engineer

Location  : Nungambakkam/Chennai

Salary   : Best in the industry

Job description

  1. Construction Knowledge : Mastery of construction processes, techniques, and materials.
  2. Project Management : Ability to oversee on-site construction activities and ensure project progress.
  3. Blueprint Reading : Proficiency in interpreting construction drawings and specifications.
  4. Quality Control : Skill in ensuring construction quality and adherence to standards.
  5. Safety Compliance : Adherence to safety regulations and protocols on construction sites.
  6. Communication Skills : Effective communication with project teams, contractors, and stakeholders.
  7. Problem-Solving Abilities : Aptitude for identifying and resolving construction challenges.
  8. Schedule Adherence : Ability to manage project timelines and meet deadlines.
  9. Documentation Management : Skill in maintaining accurate records and reports of on-site activities.
  10. Client Interaction : Capability to address client concerns and provide project updates.