Job Title : Social Media Manager

Location  : Nungambakkam/Chennai

Salary   : Best in the industry

Job description

  1. Social Media Strategy : Developing and implementing effective social media plans aligned with business objectives.
  2. Content Creation : Producing engaging and relevant content across various platforms.
  3. Real Estate Expertise : Understanding industry trends, property types, and client needs.
  4. Community Engagement : Building and nurturing online communities through active interaction.
  5. Advertising Proficiency : Running targeted ad campaigns to promote listings and generate leads.
  6. Analytics and Reporting : Analysing data to measure campaign performance and optimize strategies.
  7. SEO Knowledge : Optimizing content for search visibility and using relevant keywords.
  8. Design Skills : Creating visually appealing graphics and videos for social media posts.
  9. Copywriting Ability : Crafting compelling captions and promotional messages.
  10. Brand Management : Maintaining consistent brand voice and identity across platforms.
  11. Trend Awareness : Keeping up-to-date with social media trends and platform changes.
  12. Time Management : Efficiently managing tasks and content schedules to meet deadlines.