In recent days, the real estate landscape is in an evolution towards sustainability, with the help of developers, such a trend is still active, that’s because such eco-friendly practices are both good for the planet and good for business. There are some key solutions used by top 10 real estate developers in Chennai to create a future of sustainability.

Sustainable solutions by the best property developers

Energy Efficiency: When it comes to sustainability, maintaining energy efficiency is a major focus. So developers include features like:

  • High-performance building envelopes: To minimize energy loss, they use advanced insulation and air sealing techniques
  • Energy-efficient appliances and lighting: Choose the right developers who install LED lighting and appliances with good efficiency ratings.
  • Renewable energy sources: To reduce the impact of fossil fuel, developers highly rely on solar panels, geothermal systems and wind turbines.
  • Smart building technology: Apart from the above energy efficient measures, developers are using advanced systems that monitor and optimize energy usage which are seen as a game changer.

Water Efficiency: In recent days, the importance of water resources in and around urban cities like Chennai has become high. Let’s look at how developers are conserving this important resource:

  • Water-saving fixtures: To reduce water consumption, developers use low-flow toilets, showerheads and faucets.
  • Rainwater harvesting: To reduce the problem of municipal water supplies, developers create buildings that capture rainwater for irrigation and other uses.
  • Greywater systems: Another creative and innovative approach is the reuse of wastewater from flushing toilets or watering plants.

Sustainable Materials: when builders are about creating a sustainable construction, the material they choose for building that has a big environmental impact in a positive way. Here are some impacts:

  • Recycled and reclaimed materials: These materials are specially used to minimize the reliance on non-renewable resources and also enhance the regional economy.
  • Locally sourced materials: In building carbon footprint, long distance transportation of material plays a major role, so best property developers in Chennai prefer local sourcing to reduce the impact of carbon footprinting as much as possible.
  • Sustainable building products: Apart from recycled or reclaimed materials, leading developers who work for a sustainable future prefer to use certified sustainable materials like bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood.

Green Spaces and Healthy Living: along with other eco-friendly measures, creating a green and healthy environment in and around makes a great impact in a sustainable approach in real estate and individual contribution to global sustainability.

  • Including green roofs, pocket parks and balconies improves both aesthetics and creates natural cooling along with habitat for small birds and pets.
  • Constructing a walkable and bikeable community directly reduces the need for cars and motor vehicles, promoting a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Enhancing indoor air quality with the help of correct and proper ventilation also with the use of low-VOC material makes the individual’s lifestyle more healthier and sustainable

Waste Management: Apart from other sustainable practices, waste management is an important factor to maintain a sustainable environment and helps to implement and execute other eco-friendly practices efficiently.

  • Constructing waste reduction plans by developers are used to reduce the amount of debris that had been sent to landfills
  • On-site composting: Food scraps and yard waste can be composted and reused as fertilizer. instatting On-site composting are used to compose food & yard waste and reuse them as fertilizers
  • Recycling programs: Developers in recent days come up with recycling programs which encourage residents to recycle the waste other than landfilling.


By executing these eco-friendly practices, Top 10 real estate developers in Chennai are creating buildings that are good for our environment, creating a cost-efficient operation and offering quality living for residents. On the whole sustainable practices in construction are the future of real estate and the best developers are the panel who are all leading the way. Among top developers, Royal land and developers are leading the way of sustainability through their projects. To know more about them visit the royal land and developers website.

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