Job Title : Team Lead/Manager(Presales)

Location  : Nungambakkam/Chennai

Salary   : Best in the industry

Job description

  1. Market and Product Knowledge : Understanding of local market trends and property features.
  2. Sales and Negotiation : Ability to sell properties and negotiate deals effectively.
  3. Customer Relationship Management : Building rapport with clients and addressing their needs.
  4. Team Leadership : Guiding and motivating a sales team to achieve targets.
  5. Communication Skills : Clear and persuasive communication with clients and stakeholders.
  6. Networking : Establishing relationships with industry professionals for referrals.
  7. Problem-Solving : Identifying and resolving issues in property sales.
  8. Technology Proficiency : Utilizing real estate management software and CRM systems.
  9. Compliance Awareness : Understanding legal regulations governing real estate transactions.
  10. Time Management : Efficiently prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines.
  11. Adaptability : Flexibility to adjust to changing market conditions.
  12. Ethical Conduct : Upholding integrity in all dealings.